Pang Attack

Alex Hackett (guitar, voice)
Yann Geoffroy (drums)
David Clark (keys, bass)

North Country Psychic Girls (2016)
Slow Deceivers LP (2015)
Sleepy Fell Down EP (2015)
Phantom Forest EP (2012)
Dreamer’s Drug EP (2011)

Video for Frailty Revisited, from North Country Psychic Girls:


David Clark (guitars, keys)
Scott Freeman (bass, voice)
Matt Godin (drums, percussion, voice)
Jonathan Pearce (voice, guitars)

Our Burning Street (2006)


The Mystic Zealots

Jeff Kainz (guitar, voice)
Meredith Westlake (bass)
Tom Werbowetski (drums, voice)
David Clark (lead guitar)

The Five Spot Discovery Years (1994)
Gold Metal Smile Pt. 1 (1999): Guitar on Stupid is Stupid and Cheerleader.

MZ - Five Spot

Video for Turn in You, from The Five Spot Discovery Years: