Current Research

David is currently pursuing a Master of Design degree at Concordia University in Montréal, supervised by Chris Salter, artist, author and scholar in the field of New Media, Technology and the Senses. For his thesis, David is building upon his earlier work, hEAR, by developing a mobile headset that provides high degree of sound isolation (30db to 50db). The headset enables the manipulation of realtime listening in order to reflect on theories spanning the fields of sound studies, sensory perception, and sensory anthropology, etc. David’s approach involves using the headset to intervene in how listening subjects hear environmental sound through a series of soundwalks conducted in public spaces. Ethnographic methods including participant observation and semi-structured interviews are used to generate knowledge to document, reflect, and write about the experience of the participants.

Concordia’s Milieux Institute is providing institutional support for the project through their research clusters including the Speculative Life Cluster, a group focused on implications of living on a networked planet. The Textiles and Materiality Cluster is providing more specific support with respect to the material development of the headset as a body-worn device.
Spec Life Screen Shot




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