December, 2013

An interactive sketch functioning as a framework to stress the behaviour of the classic artificial life program, Boids.


David Somiah Clark, Concept and Development

Sin Yan Kung, Programming


Cliques is an interactive sketch functioning as a framework to stress the behavior of a flock of boids. Three 'interaction nodes' may be added to the sketch to influence the flock in competing ways. Noticeable results include the flock breaking into small groups that exhibit independent behaviors.


The narrative is that of an inter-stellar system. The three different nodes can be selected and placed anywhere on the canvas, and each sketch creates new pattern in the flock.


Node Type 1: Black Holes absorb boids until they reach a critical mass at which point they release the boids.

Node Type 2: Stars attract and trap the boids within their gravity well.

Node Type 3: Hostiles repel the boids.


The following videos of Cliques are sped up.


Manic is the example of an accidental result that occurred while developing Cliques. The boids group into clusters which rearrange themselves in patterns.