Deathwhiff 3000

A game that engages the sense of smell in order to differentiate characters and obtain the objective.


Deathwhiff 3000

August 2014 (Version 1.0)

A game that engages the sense of smell in order to differentiate characters and obtain the objective.


Olivier Albaracin, Programming
David Somiah Clark, Physical Computing & Narrative
Milin Li, Programming & Graphic Design
Nima Navab, Physical Computing Programming
Ana Tavera Mendoza, Animation & Graphic Design

Music by Alexander Westcott

Version 1.0 of Deathwhiff 3000 was developed using Processing and the Arduino platform.


Deathwhiff 3000 is a four-player game developed during the summer of 2014 as part of a game design class taught by Heather Kelley, Playing with the Senses, at Concordia University in Montreal.

In addition to being the game’s name, the Deathwhiff 3000 is the scent delivery hardware which connects characters in the game with the game's players. Deathwhiff 3000 pushes the sensory experience of a traditional screen/controller game by relying on the players’ sense of smell in order to identify characters in the game.

The primary objective in Deathwhiff 3000 is to kill zombies and save humans. To achieve this goal and to encourage team play, the game was designed for four players each with distinct roles – a tech, a medic, and two hunters. The tech controls the Deathwhiff 3000 device and must sniff the human-looking non-player characters (NPC’s) to identify their level of infection. The medic must then either inoculate or vaccinate the NPC’s, and the hunters must kill the incurables and the zombies. The medic is able to revive the tech and hunters; however, when the medic dies it's game over.


The Deathwhiff 3000 hardware was constructed using four squirrel blower fans, PVC tubing, receptacles for different essential oils, and an Arduino board. These elements were built into a solid wooden box to minimize noise and contain the different odors.



Deathwhiff 3000, an article featured in  INDEPENDENCE AMAZING by A MAZE , a newspaper published in cooperation with Indie MEGABOOTH for the Gamescom Cologne in August 2014.

Deathwhiff 3000 was featured in the Pleasure Room for Toronto’s 2015 Digifest.